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    We work in more than 30 language combinations, in both language directions

    French, English, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Arabic, Russian, Chinese and Japanese.

    Providing our clients with quality translations for over 20 years

    Founded in 1996, Lingua ESIT is the student-run company affiliated with the Editorial, Economic and Technical Translation Master’s program at the ESIT, a prestigious translation and interpretation graduate school in Paris. We assist both individuals and companies with all their language needs.

    We offer services in translation, revision, proofreading, transcription and subtitling. Documents are translated by first-year students and revised by second-year students, to ensure that you receive a polished, top-quality final product.

    We translate documents from many different fields, ranging from very general to highly specialized. We work with various types of text and video formats.


    We translate your specialized documents in a number of different fields, including legal, economic, scientific and technical.


    We take into account all linguistic, cultural and contextual elements in order to provide you with a perfectly-adapted document in the target language.

    Linguistically diverse

    Our students come from all over the world and translate only into their native language. This guarantees a smooth and idiomatic translation.


    Our team will respond to you within 48 hours, personalizing and efficiently processing all your requests.


    We provide quality service to ensure that every aspect of your message is transmitted.

    Trusted by

    We also work with associations and individual clients.

    Our team

    The Lingua ESIT team is available from 9am to 6pm (CET), Monday to Friday (except French public holidays).

    Project Manager
    Project Manager

    Lingua ESIT

    Université Sorbonne Nouvelle
    8 avenue de Saint-Mandé
    75012 Paris


    Lingua ESIT, a Junior Initiative

    Lingua ESIT is a Junior Iniative, member of the French National Confederation of Junior Enterprises.

    A Junior Enterprise is a nonprofit association created under the French law of 1901, with economic and educational objectives. Through its activities, students of higher education institutions can apply what their learn to actual projects, hone their skills and be better prepared for the labor market.
    By entrusting your projects to a Junior Enterprise, you participate in students’ training and skills development and you contribute directly to their professional integration.
    Thanks to their curriculum, these student benefit from the latest knowledge and expertise on the different areas involved in the projects on which they intervene. Additionally, in some cases, the students may benefit from their professors’ support and use educational and research resources of their institutions.

    French Junior Enterprises are represented by the French National Confederation of Junior Enterprises (CNJE), founded in Paris in 1969. Its missions are to supervise, train and support the development of Junior Enterprises. In 1992, the CNJE took part in the foundation of Junior Enterprises Europe, the European confederation of Junior Enterprises.

    Lingua ESIT joined the CNJE in 2019. In May 2022, we signed the #JamaisSansElles Charter in favor of Gender Equality, along with other Junior Enterprises. We are committed to combat sexism and fight for gender diversity and the representation of women within our organization.